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ROVIK; An action-packed warrior tale set in the Star Wars Universe in a faraway Galaxy.

In partnership with the madly talented Avandu, we at Movie Jabber are proud to bring to you the release of ROVIK #1.




The Empire has staked its claim on many planetary systems as it advances on its quest to rule the universe. One of these planets is the planet Dukongo, famous for its vast Agrocite deposits, now ever more valuable due to the construction of the Deathstar. The Empire has stripped the environment bare for the resource, leaving the once Vibrant Planet a shadow of its former self. With only one mine left in operation, there has been mass migration to the last the mining city of Brazzaville. Those who can opt to leave the Planet.

Rovik, our young warrior, has left his home city of Kinshaza where the largest Agrocite mine has just been shut down leaving most of the population jobless. We join him and his lemari called ‘Pazuzu’ as they make their way to the last mining city of Brazzaville, hoping to find work as a guard again at the last functioning mine on the Planet. On his way through the Dukongo.”



More About Avandu

Avandu is a Nairobi based collective that focuses on Games, Comics and animation. We have a passion for creating culturally relevant and socially conscious projects. We draw our inspiration from our experiences as people born and raised in Kenya and also try to borrow heavily from African culture of both past and present.

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